retron 5 bluetooth wireless controller


A video game console in particular might arrive with the best hardware underneath the hood, not to mention accompanied by all of the accomplished game publishers in the industry, but if it so happens to lack a good controller, then your experience would be ruined. After all, having a comfortable controller that does not result in blisters or aches and pains in your fingers and joints after hours of intense gaming is crucial, and the folks over at Hyperkin know that, hence rolling out the $39.99 Hyperkin Retron 5 Bluetooth Wireless Controller.

This is another Bluetooth wireless controller that will play nice – nay, was specially made just for your RetroN 5 console, and you will be able to select from either black or grey colors in order to have it match your existing system. A single full charge would be able to deliver up to 8 hours of non-stop playing time, which should be more than enough in a day since you would spend the other one third of it sleeping, and another one third performing the various miscellaneous tasks that everyone has to grapple with – bathing, mowing the lawn, doing some housework, etc. The Hyperkin Retron 5 Bluetooth Wireless Controller has a playable distance of 15 feet, boasting a Microswitch Directional Pad instead of a traditional directional pad, alongside half a dozen face buttons, a pair of shoulder buttons, a start and select button, a quartet of LED light indicators, a Home button, and two programmable Macro buttons.
[ Hyperkin Retron 5 Bluetooth Wireless Controller is a worthy Retron 5 companion copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]