Samsung Galaxy Note

What a nice round figure for Samsung, 5 million units of the mega “phablet”, the Galaxy Note II, sold worldwide since its release in September. That’s three months sooner than its precursor, the Note, hit that mark! Not too bad considering most people thought Sammy was plumb nuts releasing a hybrid phone\tablet.

Other good news for the Korean manufacturer shows they may well sell a grand total of 61.5 million Galaxy devices before drunk revelers kiss the wrong person at midnight on New Year’s Eve. 2 million of that is expected to be more Galaxy Note II sales. So far the new Galaxy S III has sold a crushing 30 million devices, 20 million of that within its first 100 days. Thanks to the huge sales push, the GS III became the most popular smartphone in the world, even beating out perennial favorite, the iPhone. Samsung has a lot to be happy about but how long can their tide last?

U.S. versions of Samsung’s newest phablet phone, the Note II, launched missing a much touted feature of their International cousins – the Multi Window function. Using MW, folks could run two apps at once. Maybe check their email and surf the web or dot around in calendar while checking a text. Owners of the Note II here were left wondering just what the heck was going on, especially as MW was so hyped. Per the usual, U.S. carriers kept mum. Now Sprint has finally let loose details about the feature and when we can see it.

Coming in the next few days, Sprint users will find the update coming over the air. Along with Multi Window, the Note II will also receive a few tweaks. Incoming texts will now sound off a audible alert when received and email will get better when offline. Sprint notes that the update could take as long as five days before everyone gets their hands on it.