shopping apps

Don’t spend more than you have to on gifts this holiday season. Instead, be a savvy shopper with the help of your iPad and these useful shopping apps. You’ll be saving so much you might just even be able to buy yourself an iPad mini before the year is over.

Redeemia Deals (Free) Coupon clippers and voucher savers will love to get their hands on this money-saving app. It isn’t easy making sure you are getting the best possible discounts. Redeemia helps you by letting you browse discount offers from Groupon, KGB Deals, Wowcher, and more. You can personalize the app by selecting locations near you. This deal aggregator finds more than just shopping deals. You will also find discounts on health and beauty services, restaurants, and more. You could find a gift for Aunt Margret, a weekend retreat for cousin Lou and tickets to an off-Broadway show for mom and dad, all in one place.

eBay for iPad (Free) In my day, eBay really was a legitimate place to get things at rock bottom prices. It was also not very well trafficked and you certainly couldn’t find the obscure things you can find these days. You can actually buy a house on eBay now. Its true that it is harder to find “deals” on popular items, but if you have a friend or family member that collects odd things, like salt and pepper shakers, this app will help you track down some of the most interesting items. You may even come across some great deals if no one else is bidding on the item you want.

Zappos Mobile (Free) Any true shopper will know that Zappos is a one-stop shop for amazing discounts on practically everything. Plus, shipping is free for most orders. In fact, Zappos is offering a special deal right now. If you buy something using the mobile app, you can get free, next day shipping. Zappos offers the best online deals around for shoes, clothing, house wares and more. Shopping couldn’t be easier. You can save your searches, stay logged into your shopping account, share items you’ve discovered through Facebook and Twitter. The list goes on. You can even check out with Pay Pal so the only information you’ll need is your Pay Pal password.

Wanelo Shopping (Free)If you’ve never heard of Wanelo, you are in for a treat. This amazing shopping app shows you the most unique products available on the Internet. If you have one of those friends who is impossible to shop for, Wanelo will help you find the perfect gift. The website is user based and works a lot like Pinterest. In fact, it looks a lot like the photography website, too. Users post items for sale that they find while browsing the Internet. Because it is user-based, you’ll discover all manner of products. You can follow people who have similar shopping tastes as you and everything posted at least was for sale at one time (eBay and Etsy items don’t stay available forever, you know).

Lasoo for iPad (Free) This app lets you shop the old fashioned way- catalogs. Before the Internet had taken over our brains, before Amazon became thee place to shop online, department stores mailed out catalogs to households across America. Lasoo collects digital versions of hundreds of catalogs so you can do your shopping right from your iPad. You can search products, stores, and locations to find exactly what you need before you even leave your house. The app features location searches, store locators and hours of operations and catalogs from the most popular brand names around.