Sleeping bags

Whether you prefer to spend your summers in the Arctic or simply miss the suffocating warmth of a mother’s womb, Nemo’s newly launched Canon -40 sleeping bag may just cure what ails you (unless it’s the latter in which case please seek professional assistance).

The 850-fill goose down sarcophagus features two vented “gills” on the front of the bag along with zippered arm hole openings on either side, which could come in handy when cooking, moving around base camp, or escaping from your heat-smothering nightmare.

The PrimaLoft insulated Stove Pipe hood design, however, is really what sets the Canon -40 apart from other sub-zero sleepers. Nemo apparently looked towards the Inuit communities of the high north for inspiration, and the questionably sufficient air hole mimics their centuries-old design by essentially pre-warming the freezing air before you inhale. Given the all-encapsulating design, it’s hard not to wonder how someone prone to tossing and turning would fare and/or live to see morning. We’ll be left wondering for a while longer, as the Canon -40 won’t hit the market until fall of 2013 for a cool $1000 a pop. [The GearCaster]