Sony Computer Entertainment of America

In AllThingsD‘s Q&A with Jack Tretton this week, the Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO explained at length why he thinks the new PlayStation 4 can weather the storm of changing media habits and increased competition in the living room.

For the superfans, though, that’s all moot. The gaming world may be a very different place from what it was in 2006, but one thing hasn’t changed: Sony (and, no doubt, Microsoft next week) can still expect the faithful to treat midnight console launches as celebrations. Here’s what happened at Sony and GameStop’s PS4 launch party in San Francisco on Thursday night.:

  • Octodad (or, rather, someone dressed as the indie game star) poses for a picture.

  • The PS4 faithful line up outside of GameStop.

  • One of the PS4’s launch titles is Knack, an action-platformer game published by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.

  • Another gamer plays 2K Sports’ basketball game NBA 2K14, a cross-platform title also available to buy at launch.

  • It wouldn’t be a party without balloons.

  • A bit crowded.

  • PlayStation 4 boxes awaiting owners inside GameStop.

  • The winner of a PS4 raffle shakes hands with PlayStation SVP of Sales Tim Bender.

  • GameStop President Tony Bartel and Bender pose for photos behind the counter.

  • Some people take their gaming consoles seriously. The first person to buy a PS4 on the west coast holds it aloft.

  • And some people take them even more seriously than that. It’s no V-J Day in Times Square, but…

(Photos by Vjeran Pavic)