spidey sense shirt

“My spider sense is tingling!” I am quite sure that many of us are now too familiar with that phrase, especially when you grew up on a diet of Spiderman, ranging from comics to collectible trading cards, Marvel Clix (remember that? I blew a whole lot of money on what are essentially useless pieces of plastic today), cartoons, movies and video games. Well, if you wished that you had at least one of Spiderman’s amazing powers, and his spider sense would give you a tactical advantage in school against bullies, then it is easier to pick up this $39.99 Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt rather than find a radioactive spider to bite you.

This is made possible thanks to a clip-on sensor that comes equipped with a vibration motor which is capable of detecting motion from 5 feet away. Turning it on is simple – press and hold it for four seconds, and you are good to go. Anything that is 5 feet away will result in a very slow pulse, while as the object gets closer, the pulse’s frequency would increase, naturally. Powered by a couple of AAA batteries, we are not too sure whether it can detect an incoming punch fast enough. Still got to work on those reflexes though.
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