Star Trek: Into Darkness


I don’t know about the rest of you geeks but I watch the Superbowl for the ads and especially the trailers. Last night’s big game had three movie teasing trailers for the action junkie, the comic nerd and the sci-fi fan. We got to see the Star Trek: Into Darkness, the Iron Man 3 tease ( which you had to go inline to see the full bit) and the Fast and Furious 6 trailers.

All were pretty exciting but you gotta give it up for Robert Downey Jr.’s little joke at the beginning of the extended look online. Fast 6 is going to take the cake though for introducing a new vehicle in the stable of vehicular weapons – a frakking tank! All three trailers have me giddy for the summer movie season. Don’t delay, hit the break and peep all three trailers!