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Recent times have seen the release of many game apps for iPhone which have reserved a semi-permanent place in the Top 25 Apps on the App Store. Once an app has been in this list for a few months, it’s very hard for other apps to take this app’s position, because, due to the increased exposure, apps in the Top 25 list get way more downloads than apps not in the list, and Apple judges popularity by download number, not rating! However, if an app is exceptionally original and awesome and is promoted all over the internet by the developer, an overthrow of an app in the Top 25 list is possible! Getting down to business, this week’s top 5 game apps features terrific application from the sport, racing, word game and pet genres. Most of this week’s apps are paid, but awesome tennis game Hit Tennis 2 is free, believe it or not! Continue reading for mini-reviews of this week’s top 5 game apps: Hit Tennis 2, Smash Cops, Real Racing 2, Words With Friends and Hatchi.

Hit Tennis 2

Awesome tennis apps for iPhone are virtually non-existent, but this polished tennis game changes everything! Hit Tennis 2 is the only tennis app for iPhone where you actually swing the racket and make contact with the ball like you do when you play real tennis! As a result, users can put top spin on the ball and hit it at whatever pace they chose! The awesome feature list doesn’t end there, however, because you can even play 2-player split screen against a friend on the same iPhone or iPod Touch! The ball physics are similar to those of the real world, and just when you thought there couldn’t be any other huge pluses to this game, Hit Tennis 2 is free! If you want to play against more than 4 players, however, you’ll have to buy a player pack for a few dollars, but this is only necessary for hardcore gamers!

Smash Cops

Smash Cops is a takedown racing game by the developer Hutch, in which you play as a policeman and smash runaway vehicles before they get too far. There are numerous game modes in Smash Cops, including traffic dodging, evidence collecting, car park smashing and cone weaving, each with unique features which make them great fun. Smash Cops has some of the most stylish driving game graphics to date, complimented with “easy to master” controls and heaps of different gaming environments and levels. All this awesomeness costs less than $3, so grab Smash Cops at this steal of a price before it rises!

Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2 is another great racing game but this one doesn’t involve smashing other cars to bits. Play through many hours of gameplay in Real Racing 2’s career mode with numerous racing modes, such as time trials, head-to-head, eliminations, single ‘cup’ races, qualifiers and championships. Placing well in these races will allow you to upgrade your current car or even by another! Rise through the ranks from beginner to professional purchasing any of the 30 cars you like! You may be wary to spend $5.49 on a single game app, but trust me, if you are a fan of racing games then you will love Real Racing 2 because it’s in the top league of App Store racing games.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a word game which, as the name suggest, you play with your friends. Developed by Zynga, this app is based on the classic game, Scrabble, only Words With Friends is arguably better in the way that you can play up to 20 games simultaneously! If you haven’t heard of Scrabble, it’s the board game where you form words using the randomly selected letter in your hand, and certain letters are worth a certain amount of points. Everyone should work the puzzle side of their brain each day, and what better way to do it than having an intensely fun game of Words With Friends, which only costs 99 cents?


Hatchi is an app for iPhone which is based on the classic handheld gaming device, the tamagotchi. Developed by Portable Pixels, Hatchi allows you to look after and care for your own virtual pet! It’s not as hard as it sounds, however, because all you have to do is clean, feed and play with your pixel-based friend, and these processes only require a few clicks, making this game suitable for young kids. If you enjoyed the tamagotchi during childhood and would like to let your kids have the same experience, then download Hatchi at the amazingly price of 99 cents – remember, a tamagotchi used to cost $10 and this app is a more than effective replacement!


This week’s top 5 apps feature a few games which are remakes of old classic games, such as Scrabble and the Tamagotchi. It’s great to be able to relive an old gaming experience, and Words With Friends and Hatchi allow you to do this! Other games which made it into the top 5 are racing games Smash cops and Real Racing 2, and tennis game Hit Tennis 2. All of these games are exceptional in my opinion and in the opinion of the majority of the Apple community, so don’t miss out on Hit Tennis 2, Smash Cops, Real Racing 2, Words With Friends or Hatchi.