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JPEGmini tech has made it possible to share the high resolution pictures without decreasing quality of the image. The new application for the iPhone is Beamr which let the user’s shares 8 mega pixels and 28 mega pixels panorama photos without compromising the quality. Previously this feature was only supported by Mac devices and server apps, but from today onwards, users will be able to enjoy this at their iPhones.
Previously when users upload their images or share it on other devices, the 90% quality of their picture is being reduced. But, with Beamr now users can enjoy 100% quality image sharing and uploading via emails, Twitter or Facebook.

The Beamr app is established on the basis of JPEGmini tech which compressed the image up to five times. The CTO and co-founder of JPEGmini and maker of Beamr, Mr. Dror Gill has explained the mechanism of technology as it is a mathematical formula which came in existence after the efforts of three consecutive years. It stimulates the vision of humans and gives better results which are highly correlated with the subjective results of the image quality.

He further added that with the same technology they established Beamr app for the iPhone devices to eliminate the stress of photo sharing without compromising with the image quality. Now media files transformation over cellular network is quite easy.

Beamr iPhone application is quite easy to operate. Beamr allows users to choose the picture they want to share in the first step. In the second step, users have to identify the way through which they want to share their image like via email, Twitter or Facebook.

No doubt, Beamr is unique app as it allows the users to share high resolution image. Shared image will be of 8MP or 28MP for panoramas. It actually works as sharing link on the websites where recipients will be allowed to view the attractive magazine style layouts. It also lets the recipients download the shared image. This app is available on iTunes for free.

In the near future, Beamr will come up with video sharing mode so that high quality videos can also be shared easily.

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The CEO of Twitter, Mr. Dick Costolo has fulfilled his promise and announced that Twitter’s users will be soon able to download entire archive of their tweets, from the end of this year. This announcement was interlinking with the questions asked during the discussion of “Twitter’s role in future of the global communication and the democratised access to the information” at University of Michigan sponsored by Ford School of Public Policy and the School of Information at Costolo’s alma mater.
Mind you that this promise is not made first time. He has already made this commitment in September with the Online News Association Conference. Costolo had made announcement that he would love to see this feature introduced in Twitter by the end of this year, as par the engineer’s capacity.

Costolo’s promise may not help him in earning friends among the Twitter’s engineering team. As, his speech has also highlighted that engineers have already informed him that this is not possible by the end of this year. Still he is being constantly making promise with the Twitter users and keeps on arguing with the engineers to come up with the feature, this year’s end.

Now imagine that how much difficult it would be to introduce something like this in just few weeks. In the peak times, Twitter is encountering almost 15,000 tweets per second and 1.3 million timelines. Twitter’s system is designed for the real time distribution and search and not for the searching and distributing of the archives. Still if people want such thing to happen, the entire real time distribution system of Twitter will slow down. For finding such historical tweets, Twitter will need to come up with different type of archival system.

Costolo has shared that tweet sharing is about a billion in every two and a half days. When they have started Twitter Company in 2006, it took almost three years, two months and one day to reach to the first billion tweets. But now this is a matter of only two and a half days- figures has been increased vividly.

One thing that must need to get your attention is that in October 2011, half billion tweets were reported per day. The figures are quite dramatic. More interesting facts have been shared in this conference and are listed below:

  1. After Costolo has taken charge as CEO, Twitter’s users have been increased by 500 million and 350 million tweets per day.
  2. In the World Cup of summers 2010, Twitter has encountered 3000 tweets per second and this was sweating entire team in fear of system crashes. In the recent Election Day of US the tweet figures has reached to 12,000 to 15,000 tweets.
  3. In 90 seconds, 27,000 tweets were generated when the TV show “The X-Factor” has put hashtag.
  4. Twitters entertain the request of every government to take off the tweets for chilling effects.
  5. Twitter is collaborating with Japanese government over the project “Lifeline”. This aims to make lists of the government agencies on Twitter so that people can easily follow them and wake of from disaster and emergency.
  6. Twitter services will not going to charge on more than 140 character limit.

Twitter is also ramping up the big data visualization.

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The channel sales of Samsung’s mini-tablet sized smartphone, named as “Galaxy Note II” has crossed the sales of three million units in just 37 days, announced by Samsung. The cumulative global sales of the device have surpassed more than five million units in just two months of its launch, shared by Korean mobile makers.
Samsung usually do not break out the sales of its devices to the consumers, yet it channel sales have indicated that how much end users are crazy for the device and how much sales channels are enjoying.

Samsung has welcomed Korean press TNW for announcing the channel sales of Note II through press release. Samsung suggested sales for the device are evenly spread in the Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II both devices belong to the Phablet category. This term is coined to explain the device is phone cum tablet because of its larger size than ordinary smartphones and smaller size than the mini tablets. In other words, it is twined between tablet and smartphone that is the reason it is named as Phablet.

The sales of Galaxy Note II, more than average sized smartphone is simply impressive in just two months. In this regards, the sales of Apple’s iPhone 5 is about more than five million units in just three days of its launch. However this figure was referred to the sales to the end users rather than the channel shipments.

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Apple and Facebook came closer in the last month of 2012, as users of Facebook iOS 6 can now download applications from app store through pop-up without leaving the Facebook page. In this way Facebook can attract more developers to buy their ads.
Few days ago news about the extended relationship between Apple and Facebook came. Now with your iOS 6 you can share to Facebook quickly and you can also sync your contacts through which you can get your Facebook friends profile in address book of your device.In order to boost the mobile app install ads that have been launched recently, Facebook is making use of mini App store dialog. Through this the developers will now pay in order to show the description, install button and image of their app in the news feed of Facebook. Facebook has taken this step to lead the app economy.

Now the developers will get the freedom on Facebook to customize their creative ads and they will also be able to see the installation analytics in relation to demographics which include gender, age and country. So now the developers can reach relevant audiences for mobile app install ads.

The mobile app install ads can be bought on the basis of cost per click rather than on the basis of cost per download. The developers will now be cautious regarding this as it is not necessary that people will complete the download process.

In the process of “ad click to install” you will now encounter much less friction. This will attract more developers toward Facebook for the purpose of marketing.

Now it wil be interesting to see that whether Google will let Facebbook build its pop-ups in Google.

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iPhone 5 seems on track to meet its deadline for December release and device has got approval from all the regulatory of Great China to go on to the sale. According to the report of Wall Street Journal, the iPhone 5 has acquired its network access license along with the notice mentioned by China Telecom. However the version is not mentioned in the notification of China Unicom.China telecom has backed up on the timeline proposed by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. The call for launch was made in the event and it is claimed that device will makes it way to China in early December with the network. China Unicom was not sure though they were skeptic and have suggested that the network hitting is in the hands of regulators. They further expressed that China Telecom is having exclusive head to start with the iPhone 5, it will have some strategy to attract some hungry subscribers for the device.

Analysts have felt that people are crazy to watch the launch of iPhone 5 and its progress record in China, as they have expectation that Apple would be able to work better in this market and thus they need to quickly announce launch. Gartner believed that Android phones are performing much better in China and they have acquired huge market share and thus launch of iPhone 5 will put many consumers on hold to wait for the purchase.

The iPhone 5 device will go on sale within few weeks, soon after getting final approval from the regulatory. Apple is trying to throw as many devices as possible in the Chinese market, yet they have to gauge the manufacturing capacity. The late launch in the Chinese market is due to the fact that Apple first wants to meet the existing demand where phone has been launched and of course they do not want to keep on hold the delivery of devices in the current market.

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