trent airbender mini

So, you have decided to pick up a spanking new iPad mini for yourself, and want to take all the necessary precautions to ensure that it remains as scratch free as possible, at least until the next generation iPad mini arrives, so that you can sell off your current iPad mini at the highest price possible? That is definitely a thought, but I prefer to look at gadgets this way – it is always best to maximize its purpose, and if it involves using said device without any protective case or screen protector so that it will not sully the efforts made by the device’s designers, then so be it, never mind the fact that there is the very real possibility of me introducing the concept of scratches to my shiny new device. Well, the New Trent Airbender Mini sort of brings the best of both worlds, and it also ups the productivity ante for iPad mini owners, too.

Basically, the New Trent Airbender Mini has been touted to be the ideal portable case solution for those who want maximum protection for their iPad mini, regardless of where they are, whether they are at home, in the office or in the great outdoors. The outdoors? Yup, that is correct, this bad boy will come with a shock and splash resistant case, thanks to a rubberized exterior which will ensure that all openings are properly plugged, all the while offering full-body protection to the iPad mini without hindering usability.

Not only that, it comes with the convenience of a removable iPad mini case that has an integrated screen protector, ensuring that scratches and smudges will never get to your beloved iPad mini, all without sacrificing on touch screen sensitivity. Sporting an ultra low-profile, built-in keyboard, it will hook up to the iPad mini via Bluetooth, ensuring you can type out all those documents in a jiffy, with great ease and comfort. If you are interested, the New Trent Airbender Mini can be yours for $39.95 a pop.

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