usb boxer

So you think that you have managed to check out your fair share of USB-powered gizmos and gadgets for the work area, that there is nothing new left under the sun for you to consider? Well, perhaps you might be interested to check out an adrenaline pumping USB accessory which will certainly liven up your cubicle – and perhaps those around you, if they are betting people. I am referring to the 9.95 USB Boxer, where this highly advanced and fantastic USB Boxer will come complete with graphics and sounds, allowing you to live out your boxing dreams while keeping you occupied for hours. I don’t think that the boss would be too thrilled by it though.

The USB Boxer will literally take computer games off the screen, bringing along with it an actual physical presence to the action. You will be able to control the different punches sent out using your keyboard as the USB Boxer takes on the speed ball. You are also able to see the punches land, and feel the excitement churning in your stomach as you test your skills and rhythm.When working in tandem with its fully interactive software and delivering realistic boxing ring sounds, it is one way to work out some aggression – without sweating, that is.

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