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Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 1

App developer Loud Crow Interactive is known for its fantastic reimagining of A Charlie Brown Christmas. The company also wowed fans of the Peanuts Gang last year with a beautifully designed interactive book version of It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. This year, we are lucky enough to be able to read along to another holiday story of one of Charles M. Schultz’ classic television specials, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Just like the other two interactive books, A Charlie Brown Christmas starts with a photorealistic image on the home pages. Here, a table setting features the iconic toast and jellybeans of the Peanuts television special. The main course is the book. Tap it to begin reading.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 2

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 4

When the book begins, you will hear the voice of Stephen Shea, the original voice of Linus van Pelt from the 1973 TV program. His familiar, although all-grown-up, voice reads the text as you follow the story.

Each page includes a few interactive situations. Instead of turning every page of the story, users swipe the ribbon at the bottom to move to another part of the scene. Each page has four or five interactive scenes. Move between scenes by swiping your finger from right to left or left to right.

In addition to being able to make the characters wiggle and make dishes clink, readers are tasked with finding a hidden leaf on each page. Some leaves are very easy to find thanks to additional interactive actions. Others are well hidden.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 7

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 3

On some pages, an additional action can be performed. A flag with a finger pointing a specific direction will appear so readers can cause a mailbox to open, a dog to salute, and other activities. It reminded me of pop up books that would have moving parts. Like, when you would slide the flag to move an arm or make a bunny pop out of a hole.

Some pages have more hidden interactions. For example, when Snoopy opens the garage door to get out the table, it is full of stuff. With a swipe of the ribbon, everything comes flying out. However, if you tap items in the garage individually instead, you may find a hidden surprise.

The book also features actually dialog, music, and sound effects from the original animated show. It brings to life all of the charm and appeal that made Charlie Brown so important to our childhood.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 4

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 6

What I liked: The illustrations are beautiful recreation of Schultz’ original characters. The background themes and moving scenes make it seem like the Peanuts Gang has come to life on the iPad. The music and sound effects bring even more depth to the story.

What I didn’t like: Absolutely nothing. This book brought back great memories of watching the television show when I was a kid. It still holds a place in my heart.

Verdict: Now is the time to buy this wonderful interactive book and make it a part of your Thanksgiving tradition. Although it is a children’s book, it is definitely great for grown-ups too. You are never too old for toast and jellybeans for dinner.

  • Name: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

  • Version Reviewed: 1.2
  • Category: Books
  • Developer: Loud Crow Interactive
  • Price: $5.99
  • Score:

When it comes to iDevice game apps I have a tendency to divide them into three categories – good games, bad games and games that I am obsessed with. The games in the last category do tend to fall in and out of favor. For a while – like everyone else – I was all about Angry Birds. However despite all the new levels that are continually released I have grown tired of birds and pigs.

One game I have yet to even begin to get bored with though is Fruit Ninja and I am far from alone in that. So when I was asked to try Cut the Buttons, a game developed by Open Name Ltd and available for iPhone and iPad, I was intrigued, as some people had said that it has a similar concept to my beloved Fruit Ninja. So, having grabbed both the iPhone and the iPad versions I set out to find out if they were right…

Graphics and Sound 4/5

Right off the bat I loved the graphics, both on the iPhone and on the iPad. The HD rendering on the iPad is of course exceptionally nice but everything still looks sharp and clear on the iPhone too.

The graphics are not at all complicated – some scissors, buttons attached to material scraps flying all over the screen and the button basket to catch snipped buttons in. However the variations in the cloth scraps are wild and colorful and overall the visuals give the game an almost retro look that is just well, cool.

Sound wise you have a nice little background tune and the snipping sound as you separate the buttons from their cloth and a click as you (hopefully) catch them in your button box. In other words, just enough.

Gameplay 5/5

On the face of things Cut the Buttons might sound like it is the most boring game in the world. Take control of a pair of virtual scissors and snip buttons off pieces of cloth as they fly past you. Then again, slice fruit as it flies past – that does not sound like too much fun either.

But just like Fruit Ninja, Cut the Buttons is so much more than it sounds at first. The fabulous physics involved really boost the gameplay to a level I had not expected. To begin with this is a two handed game – making it easier to play on the larger iPad – but still lots of fun on the iPhone.

With two fingers from one hand you must control the snapping scissors. You should be aware that whatever the speed, angle and direction you attempt to cut the buttons in will affect the way they fall. As you need those buttons to fall into the bucket to score this is very important to remember. Miss just three buttons and your game is over (in Classic mode at least)

Your other hand is needed to move the bucket to catch the buttons. This two handed gameplay took a bit of getting used to at first but after I got the hang of it it was not as complex as it sounds. And by the way, if you happen to be a lefty there is a button in the menu screen that lets you change the scissors from right handed to left handed so your southpaw tendencies are not a handicap in Cut the Buttons.

There is another twist. Some of the buttons that will fly past you are “attached” to their cloth with a metal stud instead of thread. You cannot snip them off and attempting to do so decreases your score and wastes precious time if you happen to be in Arcade mode.

In the iPad version of Cut the Buttons there is also a multiplayer mode, although I do have to say that got a bit frenetic and messy when we tried it out. Call me anti-social if you like but I really do prefer to play this game alone.

After just an hour or so playing Cut the Buttons I was hooked and the game is definitely in my obsession category right now. I still ove Fruit Ninja and will continue my high score quest on it but I am also beginning a campaign to master Cut the Buttons. And i do not think that campaign will be ending any time soon.

Value for Money 4.5/5

Both the iPhone and the iPad versions of Cut the Buttons cost $0.99. The game went free for a week recently so it may still do so again but if I were you I wouldn’t wait. This gams is worth every last cent of its price and then some, which is more than you can say about a lot of games that cost much more.


Cut the Buttons is a wildly addictive, clever little app that I think a lot of people will love. Its not a mindless game though – it takes thought and concentration to master and a lot of both. despite the comparisons I have drawn with Fruit Ninja this is an original game with a very neat concept. In the end though nothing I tell you will compare to having a go yourself, so I suggest you do that as soon as possible.

Sweet tooths, this is the app for you! Bitesize Treats: Macarons, Cake Pops and Cute Things by Hardie Grant Publishing is an app filled with over 50 recipes of little, adorable, and incredibly yummy treats. Complete with a shopping list and even an oven timer, this app is perfect for anybody who loves to bake and eat sweets. This app on iTunes is still waiting to get enough ratings on its newest update, but The Apple Clan gives it a 3.5/5.


When you love to fill your house with sweet aromas from the kitchen, and when you love to tantalize your taste buds with baked goodies, it’s pretty easy to find lots of pros with Bitesize Treats. And when these baked goodies are all cute and little, it’s just about perfect.

Pretty pictures
It’s definitely a girl’s app, with soft pink accents and a flowered background. Black font contrasts make the recipes easy to read. And the pictures are a feast for the eyes! Each recipe opens up to a picture of the bitesize treat, delicately arranged, making them look even more tantalizing.

Detailed index
Bitesize Treats is very easy to navigate. The app opens to the recipe index, featuring eight categories: macarons; cake pops; cupcakes; bites, bars & tartlets; icy treats; whoopee pies; jellies; and cute things. From the index, each category opens up a series of mouth-watering recipes for you to choose from, with all of them with a mini picture by the recipe title.

Once under the recipe, you have the choice of favoriting the recipe or emailing to friends, finding the ingredients, and reading the method on how to make the recipe. Under ingredients, you can touch the plus next to each ingredient, which automatically adds it to your shopping list.

Which brings me to the shopping list. You can organize your shopping list by aisle or by recipe. As you are shopping, you can check off each ingredient on your list as you pick them up.

Under favourites, you can organize the recipes you really like. Dinner treats and lunch treats are already options, but you can delete these or add more if you like.

And there are even more options, under more! Here you have an oven timer, so as long as you have your iPhone with you, you won’t forget and accidentally burn the treats. In settings you can choose the Imperial or US metric system, depending where you are located.


When an app’s primary color scheme is pink and its entire purpose is to provide you with absolutely yummy looking recipes, it’s hard to find something really wrong with the app. There are a few drawbacks, though. However, according to the reviews users have written, the developers are working to correct problems users have.

Probably the biggest problem is that when eggs are called for in a recipe, it only lists ‘eggs.’ You are left to guess how many go in the recipe. Considering eggs are a rather important part of baking recipes, this can be an issue.

Quiet timer
The oven timer is really handy to have, especially since you don’t have to be tied to the kitchen to make sure the treats don’t burn. But if you leave the app open, the oven timer doesn’t sound. It just pops up with a notice. If your iPhone goes to sleep while the app is running, the timer does ding once. And, the oven timer only sets in five minute increments.

Some users complained that there aren’t enough recipes for a $1.99 app. However do note that there are over 50 recipes included, In comparison to physical recipe books, this app does still give you a bang for your buck. If you are looking for hundreds and hundreds of recipes on one app, this isn’t the one. It makes up for itself in other areas, such as a handy dandy shopping list and absolutely awesome pictures.

Be forewarned, Bitesize Treats: Macarons, Cake Pops and Cute Things will make you start drooling. And start planning your dessert shopping list. Then it’s time for an afternoon of blissful treat baking. I’ll let you get to it.

Google, the Android smartphone platform in the UK is dominated landscape, 2012 (Kantar data) powering 54% at the end of the handset is in use. But Britain apps the Android owners are spending increasing time on? Researcher Nielsen fastest download Android apps come with a way to measure and app usage during May to October 2012 data crunched – in which the mobile shopping flag increase trade up.

Increase in mobile shopping in the UK was also flagged up last December by research into UK telecoms regulator. Ofcom proposes UK data in several international markets produce desired when it comes to technology adoption and use, some of the market’s bellwether indicator. Also indicated that mobile shopping is growing in the U.S. too (data is thrown up by retailers last month, spent time in mobile apps than 5x between 2011 and 2012 has increased.)

Nielsen’s new UK site Read 1,500 + adults who use Android app on their smartphone chose to install a meter is used by the monthly average is based devices. . Users an app meters total screen time (on the screen and the app in focus with the background activity, “deliberately removed,” used to be measured) measures to see. Studies such as cameras and local e-mail system applications, is deleted. Nelson for applications including quality access to at least 4 percent and 30 percent as of October, “minimum development time is”.

Nelson also graded Britain’s most popular free Android apps, the top three slots (perfect for the top 10 most popular apps, see the bottom of this post) Play Google, Google Search and Facebook the usual suspects feature is classified. But the popularity meter measuring system is blowing temperature allows it to take. Nelson fasting growing the Android app data that UK consumers how they use their smartphones are becoming more sophisticated – for searching for apps as its Managing Director the “real world works” not just “fun tricks and games” to help with Europe, David Gosen, is a digital company blog.

Nielsen, the top 15 fastest than May “big” Download Apps For Android Seven of the period of October 2012 was ‘business apps’ – by which applications the users. “Digital products, general retail products, and go through the social experience,”

Nelson’s business classified in the top 15 fastest-growing apps: Amazon AppStore, Tesco (supermarket shopping), Quidco (cash back shopping) and general film and TV Play Google, TopCashBack (cash purchase back), Asda (supermarket shopping), Google Books. List two banking apps HSBC Lloyds TSB Mobile Banking Fast and the balance.

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Its almost looks as there is an arm race in online education. The question is this which MOOC platform can expand more faster? edX’s announced that it will be expanded internationally by adding six new schools which brings its total to 12 and now Coursera is also coming up with new additions in its own.

At present enormous platform of online courses has announced that 29 universities around the world have decided to bring their courses online via courser for free. New members can enroll to 33 institutions that are already on board, which brings Coursera to its grand total 62.

The international growth of both courser and edX’s is the great achievements for international students, who can now approach many courses in multiple languages. It includes French, Spanish, Chinese and Italian. Obviously international growth is also playing an important role in the roadmap for edX’s and Coursera and also to online learning sites like

Whereas edX’s is the nonprofit organization but Coursera is running commercially for making profit. It makes huge turnover and will need to continue improving and expanding its courses if it hopes to run business over the long term.

As mentioned in the introduction that 29 new courses schools added to this learning platform, Coursera is also increasing its courses by offering many subjects in different languages. By adding 90 new courses now its total becomes 313 courses in all. Coursera is now able to meet the need of more diverse students by giving them more academic options to explore and this become possible. With the addition of new courses, the wide range of languages and academic approaches has been seen.

Andrew Ng co-founder of Coursera said as part of the announcement that Coursera has registered 2.8 million students at the time of its launching and now around 1.4 million students enrolled each month. Recently Coursera has been taking some prominent steps for the better growth of the organization. It is also launching its career service in Dec. The program that matches students with the employers and it also adds the verified certificates in Jan for the students to verify the work that they have completed on courser for free.

In the beginning Coursera was not able to offer credits or degrees. But earlier this month the American Council on Education approved five of its courses for credit equivalency that means the students who have completed these classes are now able to receive college transfer credit at institutions that accept ACE recommendations. In future it is also working with ACE to add credit equivalency for more of its courses. Courser is looks like a real global online university with the addition of more universities, languages and courses. The question that arises is that whether it maintains its standard or quality of growth or not.

Below is the list of the 29 new institutions that join Coursera today.

California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)

Curtis Institute of Music

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Case Western Reserve University

cole Polytechnique, France

Leiden University, Netherlands

IE Business School

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat M nchen

Northwestern University

National University of Singapore

National Taiwan University

Penn State University

Sapienza Universit di Roma

Rutgers University

Technical University of Denmark

Technische Universit t M nchen (TUM)

Tecnol gico de Monterrey

The University of Tokyo

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

University of California, San Diego

University of California, Santa Cruz

Universidad TecVirtual del Sistema Tecnol gico de Monterrey

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Universidad Nacional Aut noma de M xico

Universitat Aut noma de Barcelona

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Geneva, Switzerland

University of Rochester

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iPhone & Android app again explain mobile messaging industry by producing fresh, relevant daily content: empower users to make an endless flow of self-expression.
Lango introduced its new mobile application for iPhone and android users. This app takes pictorial messaging to the next level which mostly endows the users to text with the daily content. Which is built on the latest and paramount news, which include social trends, entertainment and celebrities’ gossip? It can easily collaborate the basic words and slogan with images that represent the emotion, humor and self- expression, both for social media posting and peer to peer texting.
Ii is the first company to review daily happenings and social communication by converting them into appropriate textable images. The lango app also motivate meme like giving users , social sharing the freedom to make social commentary on twitter and Facebook. Its registered Essence engine which day by day proposes modified images to identify each message, excluding the requirement of lengthy search within unsorted collection of explain the feeling or expression images are used and it is also used to condense the clue of an entire text. With its frictionless user boundary and inventive navigation, lango mostly convert the messages into fun, unique and visual art.

SPARK: it motivate the sharing and sending of banner like images that arrest the soul of the text messaging. When a text is formed with lango, the app takes the attention of the message, spontaneously injecting an image linked with the text. The highlighted words can be changed or twisted through diverse images to see that the words explain the entire situation.

FLAIR: lango bids words meme like images, over picture that are easy to segment on twitter and Facebook. Select background and you can also post your own photo, write a motto and plus some flair to represent what exactly what you really understood.

DR. udi graff, lango’s chairman & CEO said “standard texting is old school and boring” “now days the art to send free messages is standard but lango raise to its next level. It also created fresh daily content that convert what up to the minute right now into unique message able images. It is a antique podium for its user’s self – expression

to have a eye on on its daily content, lango bids special ” premium packs” for purchase in its in app near store. For easiness, users can buy lango coins in the virtual store to make an endless library of images. It also offers a variety of themed premium packs, containing images, representing famed football players as part of the national football league players association pack , gang am style, steampunk, and rich of other event – driven exciting visua;s and packs

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Quit smoking iPhone App is being conducted by the Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in collaboration with the University of Washington and 2Morrow Mobile, for those Adults who are addicted of daily smoking and started at least past year. Those adult smokers who want to quit smoking within 30 days are needed to study this App.Led by Jonathan Bricker, Ph.D., a psychologist based in the Public Health Sciences Division at Fred Hutch, this smart Quit study will randomly delegate participants to help one of two iPhone program quit-smoking applications. The goal of the learning is to understand which of the two applications will be the handiest for those of you who are giving up smoking.

Bricker said that this is the first-ever research of any kind of mobile phone application with regard to laying off smoking, an associate member of the Fred Hutch Public Health Sciences Division. Touch screen phones or smart phones are really a potentially groundbreaking quit-smoking instrument because you could avail its assistance at anyplace. Possibly Programs may be given to the participants randomly. Interactive tools intended for interacting better and more effectively, and a step by step guide is intended to stop using tobacco, Personal plans are also proposed by this App not even stop smoking but also remain quit of it.

Both programs are totally free. Members will likely be enquired to complete on-line questionnaires, which include one particular short follow-up survey in the up coming two months. They may obtain $25 following completing this two-month follow-up survey.

Its Eligibility criteria include:

The age of the participant should be 18 or older, smoked at least five cigarettes in a day and practicing it from past year and now wanting to terminate smoking in the next 30 days becoming keen in understanding the skills to relinquish smoking.

Bricker as well as his colleagues gratefully acknowledge that assistance and support to operate this work which was given by the Hartwell Innovation Fund.

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