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RIM recently showed off and detailed its new BBX OS platform at Devcon 2011, in San Francisco, but now a video has emerged of the new BlackBerry OS running Android apps – something that will bring mass appeal to the platform.

The BBX OS is based on the company’s QNX platform, and hopes to unify RIM’s smartphones and tablets under one operating system banner – rather than using two separate platforms for each device.

And now it looks like we can see the new BBX OS in action as a video posted by a developer shows it running Android apps. There have been posts previously from RIM itself, but it’s always nice to see something working outside test conditions – hopefully giving us an idea of what we can expect in real-world use.

All the apps used in the video seem to come to life pretty quickly, and it ties in with RIM’s claims that there will be a smooth downloading of Android apps, with users not able to tell the difference between Android and native BlackBerry until the app is actually launched.

The app will appear in App World as if it is a regular BlackBerry native app and run in the operating system’s Android Player.

It’s unclear when we can expect to have this kind of functionality in our hands, but it would be nice if RIM kept up a bit of momentum as a large app library could open up its products to a whole new user base.