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Does Anyone Actually Want a Transparent Phone?

There are a couple of rumored features that “phones of the future!” always seem to have, and up there with flexibility is transparency. See-through phones have been a futuristic what-if for ages now, but now a company called Polytron is promising that the future is here! Or at least close. Within the year, perhaps.

Sure, it’d be impressive, but it just raises the question: why? Is there any really good application for a transparent phone? Even if there is, would it ever be useful for the average Joe, expect maybe if he wants to keep tabs on the palm of his dominant hand? Can you think of super-crazy-awesome application I’m missing? Would you really want one of these? Would anyone?

Every so often, the great Internet resource that everyone uses Wikipedia starts asking people for donations. This year a gigantic morning pee-colored banner pops up asking for a few bucks so the lights can stay on and we can all get free information. It’s a great cause! Can you imagine the internet without Wikipedia? But have any of you guys ever donated?

NY Mag hilariously decided to find out who the people who donate to Wikipedia are and “if they’re just better people in general”? It’s pretty great, they ask people if they’ve donated to Wikipedia and why and then ask them a follow up question involving picking up trash, calling their parents and pressing the ‘close door’ button in an elevator. Check it out here. [NY Mag]