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If you plan to use your iPad in the kitchen tonight preparing a romantic dinner for two, you may discover you are missing one key accessory, a stand. Whether holding your iPad to view recipes while cooking, snuggling up to watch movies or connecting to a bluetooth keyboard to type, these versatile accessories allow users to do a number of hands-free tasks with their iPads. Today we have partnered with Just Mobile to offer our readers a chance to win one of two stands, the Encore and UpStand.

These sleek desk-top stands are made from high-grade aluminum and are compatible with all iPads currently on the market. Designed to be both stylish and practical, they’ll keep your device in place while supporting it in either landscape or portrait mode. Additional features for each stand include:


  • Compatible with all iPads
  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Stylish and practical
  • Non-slip feet
  • Dazzling radial finish
  • Spark Award Silver 2010


  • Iconic design by the award-winning team at tools
  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Foldable for portability
  • Compatible with most tablet computers
  • Solid support for typing

If you’ve been looking for a way to display your iPad for any number of reasons, this contest is perfect for you! Simply follow the directions below and maybe you’ll be a winner. Good luck!

Enter via Twitter in two easy steps

  1. Follow us on Twitter. You must follow us on Twitter so that we can send you a Direct Message if you win. If you aren’t following us, we have no way of contacting you directly.
  2. Click on the tweet button below and have our contest message automatically added to your Twitter status box. Then simply click to tweet!

Please make sure you are following PadGadget before you Click to Tweet below! Readers who are not following PadGadget will not be selected.

One lucky winner will be selected at random to win each stand. You can enter as many times as you like and the contest ends Saturday, February 16th at 11:59 PM Central Time.

Winners have 48 hours from the time they are contacted to respond to our direct message. If we have not been contacted by the original winner within that time period, a new winner will be selected.

Note: PadGadget only ships to addresses in the United States and APO/FPO mailboxes.

Click below for a chance to win an Encore iPad Stand.

Click below for a chance to win an UpStand iPad Stand.

I admit it, I’m a massive drink geek. I love my Mountain Dew, my Dr. Pepper and especially my Rockstars. I also love to grab the newest new drinks on the market even if they might suck my brains into a pit. That being said, I realized I was spending way too much on pop and throwing away a lot of empty bottles. Walking through a store I’m kind of ashamed to admit being in, I witnessed the SodaStream maker for the very first time. One time and I knew I needed to try it for myself.

The premise of the SodaStream is very simple. You take a supplied carbonating bottle, fill it up with tap water and then attach it to the machine. A few quick presses and you have instant carbonated water. After that, you mix in the soda flavor of your choice, shake and enjoy! Waste is practically eliminated, the carbonating unit uses no electricity, there’s no “stocking of the fridge” and you can make drinks to your taste. Supplies can be purchased online and at local retailers.

I’ve had a unit in my greedy palms for a while now and I bet you geeks wonder how it fared. Well hit the break and find out exactly how it did!

I received the SodaStream Genesis and a huge selection of flavors. Installation and set up was so easy, it’s embarrassing. The Genesis come in two pieces, the carbonation canister screws into the top and then snaps into the bottom. Yeah, easy as pie. The kit had two bottles to mix soda in, a great way to mix up some unusual drinks. The carbonating bottle screws into the machine so you can pump in the fizz. There’s a button on top, just press it slowly until a loud buzz comes. The instructions say three buzzes is an average amount of fizz but I found my drinks needing just a bit more kick. Could just be me though.

After the fizzing process, the syrup has to be mixed in very slowly. I can not state that enough – mix slowly! I had a couple over eager beaver moments that ended up with me cleaning more up than drinking. Yikes. Most flavors are a knock off of popular drinks like Mountain Dew, Coke Red Bull and Dr. Pepper. They also have generic types like Orange, Grape and Cream Soda. The Red Bull-ish “Energy” was spot on in taste, I see some delicious Jager Bombs in the near future. The two disappointments in the bunch were the Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper versions. No one can master the 23 flavors of Dr. P so no worries there. My favorite is the Root Beer, I went and purchased a couple more bottles just to feed my addiction. It just tastes so much like the root beer I had as a kid. They even have Crystal Light flavors and all natural mixes. All mixes are made with zero high fructose corn syrup for the old-fashioned, good for you taste.

Like many store bought 2 liters, the fizz dissipates after a short amount of time. Happily though, the typical bottle of carbonation lasts for plenty of fillings. Most users, like I did, can get about 60 liters before needing a refill. Add that to the reduced waste and it becomes clear how much you’re helping the environment. The price to savings ratio is a good deal for frugal shoppers, the syrup bottles cost less than most cases of soda yet produce a few cases each. You really owe it yourselves to check it out.

The biggest upside to the SodaStream is you can tailor make your drink to suit your tastes. Like more fizz? Make it so. Stronger flavor? Go for it! The SodaStream is the true do it yourself adventure.


  • Eco-friendly
  • many flavors
  • reusable bottles
  • wallet friendly supplies


  • Expensive entry price point
  • some flavors not as good as originals
  • fizz dissipation

Because I love it so much, SodaStream is generously donating a Soda Starter Kit to one lucky geek. Included in the kit will be:

– Fountain Jet – winner’s choice of color (black/silver, red/silver or white)- 1 carbonating bottle, reusable for up to 3 years- Reusable carbonator to fizz up to 60L of soda- Variety 6-pack of popular sample-size flavors

– 3 full-sized flavors of the winner’s choice

Yeah, all that can be yours. All you need to do is hit the Rafflecopter to get in on it!

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