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iPad Air

If you had to guess how Apple will build a new iPad model based on the current iPad Air, surely a new processor would be part of your thoughts. That’s what Apple intends to do, says one analyst with a relatively good track record on figuring out Apple’s next product moves. The iPad Air 2 will use a new A8 chip and include the Touch ID fingerprint reader, according to KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Apple Insider took a peek at Kuo’s most recent research note for Apple, which includes several educated guesses. Kuo expects a late third-quarter launch for the iPad Air 2 and thinks that TSMC will build the new A8 chip for Apple, which would take business away from Samsung. TSMC is reportedly already building the yet-unannounced A8 chips for Apple, which makes sense from a timing perspective: Apple will likely need millions of the chips for multiple products in the next few months, including the next iPhone and iPad mini with retina display.

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Cooper Cases(TM) Edge Apple iPad Mini Keyboard Dock in Blue (59+13 Buttons, 55 Hour Battery, English QWERTY Keyboard, Integrated Stand)

  • Designed for the Apple iPad Mini
  • Hard plastic exterior build with a brushed aluminum finish
  • QWERTY keyboard in English
  • Integrated stand with multiple viewing angles
  • 55 hours of use with built in lithium battery

– Designed for use with the iPad Mini
– Hard plastic shell design w/ brushed aluminum finish
– Securely clips to the side of the tablet
– Felt-lined hinge won’t scratch the tablet surface
– QWERTY keyboard in English 59 plastic keycaps
– 13 Shortcut keys for iPad Mini functions
– Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity
– Working distance up to 10 meters
– Integrated stand for hands-free display
– Multiple viewing angles in landscape format
– Built-in rechargeable lithi

Google Maps

Poor Apple Maps. While we see very minor improvement from Apple’s year-old Maps application, Google continues to improve its world-class offering pretty rapidly. Why, Wednesday, in fact, Google launched an update to the Google Maps for iOS app, adding support for the iPad, indoor maps, and a slew of other features that were released with the recent Android Google Maps update. Google Maps 2.0 now fully supports the larger screen sizes of the iPad and iPad mini, as well as offering indoor maps with walking directions for transit stations, airports, malls and other large buildings. Past that, you’ll also notice that the Google Maps iOS app now offers better navigation with live traffic updates and incident reports. Meanwhile, Apple Maps still hasn’t figured out transit directions.

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App Store

There’s an emerging view among iOS developers that both the amount of work involved and value created by app development merit higher prices for apps. But a new study shows that developers test pricing tend to lower the price of their apps – or even charge nothing at all. New research published Thursday from mobile analytics firm Flurry, which looked at app pricing over the past four years for 350,000 apps using Flurry’s mobile analytics service, found that developers are charging less for their apps over time, and many times, end up going completely free. (The results are weighted to account for number of users for each app.) The result is more ad-laden apps. But Flurry says purchase habits show that user demand is higher for apps that will cost them nothing, even if there are ads as a result.

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