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The leaks were right – Logitech has a gamepad case for the iPhone and iPod touch, and it will be widely available in early December.

The PowerShell is part of the gaming-focused G Series, costs $99.99 and contains a standard directional pad; four main buttons, labeled A, B, X and Y; two trigger buttons; a dedicated pause button; and a 1500 mAh battery that charges the iPhone/iPod. It works with the iPhone 5 and 5s and the fifth-generation iPod touch on iOS 7.

Notice what’s missing from that list? Logitech said the case won’t work with the new iPhone 5c because the 5c is 0.4-1.37 mm bigger in all dimensions. In order to accommodate the iPod touch, which is 1.5 mm thinner than the phones, the case includes a removable sheet of padding.

Global product marketing manager Mark Starrett said Logitech has been working with Apple since before the official announcement of iOS 7’s third-party controller support at this year’s WWDC. That OS-level support means the accessory manufacturer has not had to work with developers to ensure their games’ compatibility, but is talking with a handful about marketing partnerships.

Logitech is not currently planning to make a comparable gamepad case for Android devices, even though Google has offered third-party controller support on its OS for much longer. With “four or five” competing standards, “Android is just a mess,” Starrett said.

Unlike the Moga Ace Power gamepad case, also unveiled this week, the PowerShell does not collapse for portability. The rigid case is designed to be used in landscape mode, with the home button pointing toward the user’s right hand.

At launch, about 300 games will work with the case, but they’ll be universal, meaning that PowerShell owners won’t have to download different versions of the apps for touch and non-touch gameplay. Starrett said Logitech has already tested dozens of those games with the PowerShell, and expects Apple to roll out a new section in the iOS App Store for gamepad-compatible games.

iPhone 5 South Korea

Apple is placing iPhone 5 in South Korea on Friday December 7th. China should get their’s by December 14th along with Russia, Brazil, Israel and Taiwan. 54 other countries will receive their shipments before the year’s end.

Apple’s plan of reaching 100 countries in 2012 in falling to place. Tim Cook talking to Wall Street Journal in October mentioned 100 countries reached with Apple’s new iPhone 5 before the end of 2012. Supplies are now meeting demand and iPhone 5 ships within a week. In Australia for example iPhone 5 comes to the door within 2 to 4 days.

Brian White, of Topeka Capital Markets said,

“Capacity is now becoming more widely available and shipment times have plummeted to just one week versus three to four weeks a few weeks ago,”

White also mentioned that iPhone 4S rolled out quicker last year, but Apple’s plan looks good and when all goes well, iPhone 5 roll out will surpass that of iPhone 4S.

“The iPhone 4S was already in 70 countries in the first 63 days of the launch last year versus our estimate of 47 countries for the iPhone 5 over a similar time frame this year,” wrote White. “[But] Apple is on track to reach 101 countries during the first 91 days of the iPhone 5…, better than the 92 countries for the iPhone 4S over a similar time frame.”

Egypt, Morocco and Vietnam should see iPhone 5 in their stores by December 21st.

Via computerworld

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