Geeks of all ages just love to be a bit different from everyone else, that is because they are and as such, there is a massive market developing to serve these needs. Like this lunch bag, you might think that is just a lunch bag, but it’s a Space Invaders design lunch bag and that little point makes all of the difference.

These are the main features for the coolest lunch bags around;

The outside of the bags is made from 100% cotton and the pattern placement will vary from bag to bag. The lining is made from white polyurethane laminated polyester and is BPA free and food grade compliant. It provides a waterproof barrier that can be washed multiple times at high temperatures. The bags have a white hook and loop closure (like Velcro) that will keep anything from escaping.

You can get a set of two lunch bags for $12 in the US and 7.70 in the UK

Source [Geeks Are Sexy]