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Gibbits 2 is an innovative arcade puzzle game where you have to help someone who is hanging from a hangman’s rope.  While this may sound quite simple and straight forward, it is actually a bit more complex than that.  To free the hanging man you need to carefully aim your bow and arrow to cut the rope.  Of course, you have to be extra careful not to accidently hit the man causing him further injury, and if you take too long he will die from suffocation. 

The game may sound a bit gruesome at first, but it is actually quite a fun and challenging experience which will be great for just about any type of player.  While attempting to save the hanging man’s life you will have access to numerous different bonus items which you can pick up along the way.  These items will help you by allowing you to bounce the arrow off walls, use teleports and warps and many other fun things.  These items will allow you to save the man no matter how many obstacles seem to be in your way. 

On some levels there will be multiple men hanging and you need to rescue them all.  These are especially difficult because you have to be careful to keep your arrow from hitting one man after saving another.  These levels also give you the opportunity to score additional points by saving multiple men with a single shot.  This is just one example of the many different and challenging levels you’ll have to work your way through to win the game.  There are over 50 unique levels to play in Gibbets 2 which will help ensure you get hours and hours of fun game play from this app.

In the actual game play you will start out in one spot on the screen and one or more hanging men will be struggling in another location.  You must quickly determine which direction to shoot your arrow as well as how far to shoot it.  This is determined by simple hand gestures where you pull back the string on your bow and arrow.  You then let the arrow fly, attempting to free the hanging man.  You can also choose to shoot some power ups before or after attempting to save the man’s life.  These power ups will help you complete the level or future levels in the game so they are very important.

Despite the somewhat morbid theme of the game, it is actually fun for players of virtually all ages.  The cartoon style graphics ensure that the game is not disturbing and younger players won’t give any thought to the risk of the man hanging from the rope.  The game is fun for older players as well though as it provides a great challenge.  Mastering this game and completing all 50+ levels will take some time and patients, but it is definitely worth a try for anyone who enjoys this type of arcade style puzzle and shooting game. 

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