Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Now this is quite interesting, everyone is waiting for the release of Samsung Galaxy SIII and there is a rumor that Samsung is planning to go for Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) as well. Though it seems to be quite unbelievable and unreliable. Recently I was in a tour with my friends and I met with a guy who is currently working in Samsung. We had a conversation about Samsung Galaxy SII and upcoming device SIII. I was totally amazed when he told that Samsung is also planning to launch Samsung Galaxy S4 in near future. Although he was not at all interested to provide any information about Galaxy SIII or S4, but when I doubted on him regarding Samsung Galaxy S4, he told that a team of his senior officers are working on the specs and model of Samsung Galaxy S4 and he also showed me few projected models for Samsung Galaxy S4, which he had in his laptop. One of the most considered model is below.


On promising that I will not disclose his name, he let me know that Samsung Galaxy S4 might have 3D display and 3D camera. The device will have only one physical button on the right hand side, which is a POWER BUTTON along with one sensor touch button for camera. Left side of the device has sensor touch buttons for volume up and volume down. Again there are four sensor touch buttons at the bottom of the screen.

After seeing the above image, it seems that front camera and proximity sensor has been shifted to right for better management. The screen size is still undecided. He did not provided any information about CPU, RAM, memory, etc. The knowledge he had about this device makes me feel that this rumor is quite promising. I have taken that person in my circle so that we can get more information about Samsung Galaxy S4. I will update this post if I will get some more info.

Although, the knowledgebase and projected model pics he had shown me in his laptop about Samsung Galaxy S4 seems quite promising but still we cant confirm that this is trustable at this stage.

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In case you haven’t heard, we are less than two weeks away from the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung sent out invites to the event last week, and will be teasing us right up to launch day with Samsung Unpacked videos on their YouTube channel. If this first teaser is any indicator, though, we’ll not really know anything of significance about the phone before the launch day.

Samsung has a history of long form story commercials. The idea is that you would watch them all and enjoy the story as it is told over time. This assumes that users care enough about your product to remember that these commercials have anything in common at all. They have gotten better about it over time, like their Super Bowl commercial series that wasn’t about any one product in particular.

This new teaser features a young child who struggles with being the secret messenger for the Galaxy S4. It ends with a girl of roughly the same age demanding to know what is in his mystery package as he locks himself in his bedroom. No one would ever think to check the kid with the white box for an unreleased smartphone, right? We’re all too busy waiting for one to get left in a bar.

Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser

This teaser format is in fairly stark contrast to the recent release of the HTC One, which included daily photos and videos that offered hints in regards to the physical features of the phone. The rumors surrounding the Galaxy S4 have yet to be verified by blurry cam photos or accidental benchmark leaks, but for the most part they focus on a nearly 5-inch screen with either a Snapdragon or Exynos processor. Samsung’s TouchWiz variant of Android is expected to come with a significant feature bump as well, though nothing specific has been leaked so far. In fact, considering how notorious Samsung has been in the past for leaking hardware there’s surprisingly little confirmed about the Galaxy S4.

Aside from demonstrating that Samsung thinks kids would rather protect corporate secrets than play outside with girls, there’s not much to go on. Hopefully the next one offers something resembling substance.

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