The next time you’re planning a road trip, head over to Pinterest first. Pinterest recently added a set of features called ‘Place Pins,’ which are designed to help you share and explore the world. Rather than compiling boards of recipes to try or your favorite tacky Christmas sweaters, Place Pins is designed to create a visual guide of places to go and things to do once you get there. The feature is really simple to use. Start by picking a place you’re interest in. Pinterest will generate pins tagged with that location, which you can then add to your new board. The feature works on the go, too, so you can keep track of places you’ve been by pinning them to your travel boards. If you’re having a tough time finding a location, Place Pins can even provide directions how to get there. So next time you find an awesome new place that everyone’s just got to go to, log into Pinterest and pin the spot to share it with the world!