House Of Marley


Bob Marley is undeniably one of the most influential musical artists of our time. More than just a talented musician though, Bob Marley was a preacher of love and unity, equal rights and harmony between peoples. It is an honor to present to you, the first in my series on House Of Marley.



Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley’s sons, actively spearheads the House Of Marley. Its roots lie in the timeless ethical principles of Rohan’s father: charity, sustainability, one love, not to mention appreciation for good music and sound!



House Of Marley is still a fledgling company (formed in 2010), but already, they are setting a standard of excellence and quality while holding to the highest standards of eco-integrity.


Currently, House Of Marley has been focused on headphones, docking stations and carry bags equipped to safely transport your iDevices and laptops and made of reclaimed hemp, cotton, recycled water bottles and water-based dyes. They soon they plan to expand their line to include sunglasses and apparel.


The Lively Up Scout, MacBook/iPad pack.


House Of Marley donates considerable portions of its proceeds to the 1Love Foundation, which was founded by Bob Marley’s wife Rita Marley, also in 2010. The 1Love Foundation “supports charity projects focused on global education and sustainable living based on its three pillars: Youth, Planet, Peace”.


House Of Marley is much more than a company that produces great audio equipment and accessories. The intention of House Of Marley is to continue the legacy of Bob Marley, to carry on his message of love and respect.


With a major documentary currently in circulation, simply titled “Marley” helmed by Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald, and the massive success that House Of Marley has seen, I believe we can expect to see House Of Marley become a major player in our cultural and fashion scene, while helping keep Bob Marley’s message contemporary and all-pervasive. Indeed, not that Bob Marley hasn’t already saturated our public consciousness (in a good way), I think now, it will be to an even larger extent as House Of Marley continues to make the Marley name even more of a “household” expression. Just like Apple came from relative obscurity to become the dominant force in the personal computer industry, look for House Of Marley to rise up and show the world a highly successful business model of integrity and ethics truly in line with the principles of “One Love”.



Stay tuned for my detailed reviews of some of House Of Marley’s most irie products, coming soon. And, a bonus for all of you who made it to the end of this article, check out this link for a video roundup of other well-known artists (from Johnny Cash, to Rhianna) covering Bob Marley’s epic, Redemtion Song.


Here’s a sample, featuring Matisyahu:


If you can’t see the video embedded, just click HERE.