konami code

Chromebook Pixel - head on

Yesterday, Google revealed the rumored Chromebook Pixel to the world. Though the pseudo-netbook comes with the very hefty price tag of $1300, and you might not feel that what it packs under the hood is worth the price of a Surface Pro and iPad Mini combined, the device at least has something of a sense of humor. Like all good pieces of technology, it responds to the venerable Konami Code.

If you enter the code into the Pixel, up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right, then B followed by A, you’ll activate a little light show displayed on the Pixel’s LED strip, which is located on the cover. You won’t unlock more functionality that you might find justifies the $1300 price, but hey, it’s always great to see the Konami Code chugging along into 2013, appearing in mediums that don’t have anything to do with Konami, cheat codes, or even video games.

Chromebook Pixel code

Wired captured the light show in GIF form, in which the Pixel’s LED strip jumps between various colors of light. We haven’t gotten our hands on a Pixel to try out the code just yet, but Wired reports that the code is simply entered using the keyboard’s directional keys. The report doesn’t say if the code takes priority, or if you can only enter it in specific apps.

If you look closely at the light show, it seems to actually play the Konami Code back at you. Clever stuff.

The two things everyone is mainly focusing on with regards to the Chromebook Pixel is the exorbitant price and that it hides a Konami Code easter egg. If that doesn’t sum up the public’s reaction to Google’s fancy new Chromebook, we don’t know what else does.